About PatientCrossroads

By creating the CONNECT program, PatientCrossroads and our Registry Partners seek to revolutionize the ways in which patients, organizations and researchers work together. We firmly believe that advances are made when results are shared, when information is collected in a standardized approach, and when patients are at the center.

The CONNECT program is the coming together of disease communities and leaders who share in our belief. It provides a common resource to bring together those living with health conditions, their families, healthcare providers, researchers, and other key stakeholders, all in one place. By sharing a common registry system and health surveys, new discoveries can be developed within individual diseases and across multiple diseases.

Participants who join a CONNECT registry are empowered to share their medical journal with the greater disease community, using a breakthrough program endorsed by groups from the smallest advocacy organizations to the largest pharmaceutical companies. Professionals, such as researchers or healthcare providers, have access to de-identified information provided directly by participants and their families; and most importantly the chance to learn directly from those living with disease.

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